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Buono-Net Australia Pty.Ltd
Buono-Net Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian Company which opened for trade in 1993 in Bankstown west Sydney. Initially the main products were extruded diamond stretched and unstretched nets mainly for the use by the fresh produce and smallgoods/ meat industry. The main products were nets for the packaging of oranges and nets for the smoking of hams.

BNA has as since relocated to current address and gone into the production of many different nets/ meshes for various industries. New Rical system was introduced for the production of square extruded meshes. The company also introduced Bio Tube Module manufacturing section in 1997.

Currently the company is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of extruded nets. BNA Bio Media / Bio Tubes and other items have found their markets in New Zealand, Dubai, Hong Kong besides Australia.

BNA Products At A Glance

Buono-Net Australia manufactures extruded plastic products of multitude utility for varied range of customers. The product categories:
  1. Tree Guards of all types
  2. Road and Safety Barriers of varied types
  3. Fencing Nets
  4. Oyster Meshes/ Nets
  5. Mussel Nets
  6. Produce Nets – Orange Bags etc
  7. Meat Nets
  8. Gel Mate Balls
  9. Scuba Drivers’ net
  10. Protective Nets: Drum Nets, Wine Bottle Nets, Furniture Nets; Heat Seals; Telstra Nets
  11. Industrial Meshes
BNA produces for customers in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Philippines etc.

BNA produce nets are used by a top Supermarket Giants in Australia

The main areas of use for the nets are:

  1. Produce nets packaging of fruit and vegetables such as oranges, apples, onions and many others.
  2. Meat nets for the smoking of hams, other smallgoods, chickens, casing nets etc
  3. Agricultural nets such as trellis mesh, tree guards, cattle guards, bird net, Christmas tree net and any net that can be used for protection against feral animals, transport damage and natural elements.
  4. Aquacultural nets, meshes and trays for the cultivation, transport, protection of many types of sea life. Some common nets being farming of oysters and mussels including nets uses for oyster spats.
  5. Protective nets used for protection against impacts on delicate objects, expensive engineering parts, soft woods used in the construction of furniture, gas bottles and cylinders, glass ware and glass bottles and for many other applications as needed.
  6. Safety barricade nets for visual and physical protection used on roads, construction sites and any site that needs protection.
  7. Industrial meshes and trays such as trellis mesh and cable trays etc.
  8. Gutter protection nets and meshes diamond or square.
  9. Personal/Body Care we are proudly the manufacturer of the patented exfoliating body sponges (Gel-MateTM) and the Baby Gel-MateTM.

Our sponges are well know for their quality and softness and can effectively resist and keep out smelly bacteria.

Our nets are used in many others areas such as packaging of toys, construction of mattresses, in putting together oil absorbing booms used in harbours, along with many other applications

BNA is a leading extrusion manufacturing company in Australia and has been producing a wide range of items for a broad customary range for two decades. BNA items are regarded as symbol of quality. Some of the items are unique and have found their utility with supermarket giants such as Woolworth, Coles and ALDI. Items favoured by these customers, and other major clients of BNA, include Orange Bags, Produce Nets, Meat Nets, wide range of Road Barriers, Trellis Nets, Industrial and General purpose fencing, and Tree Guards.

BNA Products

Buono-Net Australia Pty.Ltd Buono-Net Australia Pty.Ltd Buono-Net Australia Pty.Ltd Buono-Net Australia Pty.Ltd